About the picture: This photo was taken during my travels across Ghana , to capture beautiful towns and villages across the country to be exhibited during Succour Photo exhibition by myself. Photo was taken in a village called Nzulezu , where the villagers spend almost 90 percent of their life’s on the lake and the name „ the village on Stilt“ what inspired this capture was how the kids jumped in and out of the lake with each other having their own unique jumps

About the artist: Kobina W. Sackey popularly known as Clickseezy Photography , is a Ghanaian based travel and documentary photographer currently based in Ghana. He has been in the photography industry for less than 4 years and has got the chance to work with some elite Ghanaian companies/ organizations and non organizations. He has had the opportunity to work with Coca Cola , been nominated by some Ghanaian Art awards like Ghana Arts and Culture awards for best photographer category, & 2nd runner up for Ghana Photography Challenge, a photography challenge Held to help improve the creativity of Ghanaian based photographers and also help in promoting the Ghanaian culture.
Also he has worked with non governmental Organisations such as teach on the Beach (TOB), West African Health and Education foundation(WAHEF) and Obrobibini Peace Complex (OPC) where he has contributed immensely by using his talent and skills. He strongly believes and has support for charitable organisations that are positively impacting communities and the world at large. He believes that every person can do either little or more with whatever resource (skills, talent or money) they have at their disposal to contribute to change.

Vision: Is to one day be able to travel all over the world, capturing lifestyle and cultures of various countries, & also to be one of the renowned and famous photographers in the world one day.


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